Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cam Newton: A Godsend?

Welcome, Panther fans, to my new blog in which I will attempt to follow the Carolina Panthers week in and week out. In this first post, I wanted to discuss Cam Newton and his obvious effect on the Panthers' offense. Last season, with Jimmy Claussen leading the offense, the Panthers managed a dismal 9 passing touchdowns for the season. With Cam Newton at the helm in 2011, they have over half that many through just five games. Newton is on pace to at least equal the rookie passing records of DanMarino. He has also added the dimension of running at the quarterback spot, with 160 rushing yards thus far. This is a dimension that the Panthers have never had at QB since their inception. So, is Newton a Godsend? Well, yes, in some ways. But, let's not forget the most important statistic of all: wins and losses. The Panthers are still just 1-4. Granted, all four losses have been by 7 points or less, but they are still losses. Don't get me wrong, I love Newton and the dynamics he brings to the game, but until he puts together a string of victories, his incredible stats will be just stats...

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